Chairman’s message

Chairman's Message

Since its establishment in 1999, Korea Medical Devices Industry Association(KMDIA) has led the effort to supply high-quality medical devices and to advance the new technologies, as we work together with healthcare regulatory authorities and other medical industry associations.
Based on the past experience, we have grown to create the innovative medical devices with ICT, AI, IVD, Robotics etc. along the 4th industrial revolution trends responding quickly to the current pandemic and other healthcare issues.

Most recently, Korean medical device industry has shown the competitiveness to the world with the new growth industry engine known as ‘K-medical devices’ and ‘K-quarantine’.

As a chairman of KMDIA starting this year, I will continue to work closely with the government to promote and support the medical devices industry to become the center of 3 major bio-health industry.

In the era of the 4th industrial revolution, medical devices industry is rapidly developing and quickly transferring to digital healthcare. We reconfirmed how important medical devices are, especially when it comes to tackle the pandemic such as COVID-19 and also witnessed the meaningful cooperation throughout the medical devices industry.

KMDIA will strengthen the interactive communication and make the opportunities with the global trends in the post COVID-19 era.

Thank you.

Cheolwook Yoo